Sunday, November 29, 2009

More on Project Excalibur

Project Excalibur would be a social network for Nerds. Let me explain what I mean. A nerd is defined by Websters as someone who is socially dull. On the web, a nerd has been defined as someone who is obsessed with something real. This site is for such people. People who are "socially dull" (you just aren't really into frivolous talk, you'd rather do something more useful), and you are "obsessed" with something real. If this sounds Rebelutionary to you, then you’re right; it is.

This would be a site that rejects the low expectations that our culture places on teens and how they use technology and the internet. Particularly this site would address how teens use social networks. Project Excalibur should change the way you view social interaction on the net. It wouldn't be for meaningless chatter, but rather for interactions with a purpose. Whether that takes the form of casual talk (that results in the mutual edification) or the organizing of a project.

If this sounds like something you've been looking for or you'd like to help with the huge amount of refinement that needs to go in to this please contact me: