Saturday, March 6, 2010

What would you have done?

First. To my sister: This is a rather severe post, don't read it. I'm serious. Thanks.

At the book store yesterday I picked up a book on the Columbine shootings, I knew a little bit about them before (and the book really didn't add to what I knew) but it got me thinking. . . For three hours in bed last night (not that that's too unusual for me). Here's one of the questions that was in my mind: What would I have done if I was in that library when the shooting started?

Think on that.

It's an interesting thought isn't it? Would I have cowered behind a table paralyzed with fear? Would I have lunged at the two shooters in an attempt to stop them? Would I have bolted through the door? Would I have been one of the heroic boys who stayed and held the doors open for others to get out only to be gunned down your self? What a time to Do Hard Things.

I guess I can never know unless I find my self in such a situation.

"Life isn't one one big laugh, people."

I came across this interesting quote tonight from life as viewed from behind mirrored sunglasses. Pretty well sums up a good part of my feelings regarding the frivolity of my generation.

. . . my strange introspective conspiracy-theory rants and brooding seriousness, which is most of the time who i really am. I do like to have fun of course, but i value good fellowship and deep thinking [as] a far better way to spend time in life rather than goofing off constantly. Life isn't one big laugh, people. Make an effort to make your conversations go deeper, it'll serve you well.

Emphasis Mine