Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This landed in my email a couple days ago, I share it because I find thie idea, and it's marketing interesting.


I found your blog The Hope That Is Within on Blogger and I may have an interesting proposal for you.

I work for the CityMedia foundation ( and we are currently offering relevant bloggers from all over the world a chance to become the administrator of their city’s video site; this is why I’m contacting you.

We created the [City].vi network, making videos of world cities instinctively accessible with this address model: “city name” followed by “.vi”

For example:,,,, etc.

The address model works for 68,000 of the world’s most important cities. Think about a city and try...

The objective of the [City].vi network is to become the leading resource for local video content. Our strategy: working with relevant local bloggers.

We would be pleased you become the administrator of and offer internet surfers a comprehensive video selection about Houston.

By managing your city’s video site you earn all of the revenues made from the site: ads, professionals registrations, links...

You must also know that for a same city, we send a proposal to several bloggers.

The city’s video site is then delegated to the one who made the best offer.

This is the most efficient way for us to select site administrators who will be motivated to propose their citizens and city’s visitors a comprehensive video selection.

Come on the site, you will find the proposal in detail and the advantages to work with us and take control of your city's video site.

Thank you for your attention.
Vicki Karlin Manager, a tool by CityMedia Fdt

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