Sunday, September 13, 2009

Schedule and Priorities

I've been doing some thinking about my priorities and schedule lately and have decided to write this to share with my friends.

  • School (In not to much or an order)
    • Math
      • Algebra II (Finishing last 2/3 or so from last year.)
      • Geometry (Starting after Algebra II gets finished.)
    • Science
      • Biology (Two more Modules left.)
      • Chemistry (Started last week.)
    • Latin (Henle I)
    • Spanish
    • History
      • Reading "Living Books"
      • Writing
    • Spelling (I'm sure at least one of you is really thrilled at this ;)
    • Writing (IEW, more learning how to write than history writing)
    • Piano (I might be doing this myself, i.e. without a teacher)
    • Bible (Reading, and memorizing Romans)
    • Programing/Web Design (Part of school :)
      • JavaScript
      • Python (after JS)
      • PHP and/or mySQL (after Python)
  • Web Design (On my time, i.e. not school time and listed in an order)
    • Shock Force Hosting (A hosting business to make some money and provide hosting for the WDA)
    • The Web Designers Alliance (A group of web designers donating there talents to non-profits/charities et cetra. Not quite started yet. . .)
    • Project Excalibur (Probobly as part of the WDA?)
  • Homeschool conference? (I'm going to look in to helping with organizing the local convention)
  • Civil Air Patrol (Or CAP for short, need to get on the ball with this. . .)

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