Thursday, December 24, 2009

Desk Space: Stephen Peterson

OK, here we go. . .
  1. Who are you anyway?

  2. I am the founder of Crowned One Productions (which no longer exists) and the co-founder of Passing Through Productions.

  3. Pictures Please

  4. What's it's history?

  5. This desk was originally used for our old family computer, but when its hard drive failed, the family computer was moved upstairs, and I took my computers downstairs to this desk.

  6. What is your main occupation at your desk?

  7. I use my desk for the various computer things that I do (video editing, networking, computer repair, etc.).

  8. Describe the objects that we may (or may not) see in the pictures of your desk

  9. I have three monitors on my main desk, and a monitor off to the side (and yes, I use them all). That accounts for three different computers running at the same time.

  10. What do you really like (or dislike) about your desk and or it's location

  11. I like having space at my desk (though it's not always quiet, as I have siblings that like to come downstairs :P). However, it's not the ideal spot to broadcast our wireless network, but this is the spot that I have all our networking equipment (when I have a network server hooked up, it's down here too).

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