Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts 2311

I've been reading From Playpen to Podium by Jeff Myers the past few weeks and have been re-enthused to try and nurture better communication abilities. Which brought to mind why I'd originally started my blog, that knowledge and insight's use is severely impaired if you can't communicate. So, I'd like to try to write regularly, though on what paticularly I'm not sure.
Tonight, I was reading some interpretations of Owl City's Fireflys. They discussed how this song could be inspired by the writers insomnia (difficulty falling asleep). (Personally I think it sounds more delusional than isonominal.) Explaining how one would wish to fall asleep, but yet also wish to stay awake; which I found this interestingly similar to my self. Most nights for as long as I can remember (though most nights has become fewer nights recently) I've taken hours to fall asleep. This hasn't bothered me, while I have wanted to fall asleep, I take little action to help bring it about (like closing my eyes) because my minds far to interested in thinking it's thoughts to waste time trying to sleep.
The world is simply a much to exciting a place with to many things happening to waste time sleeping. :)


  1. Well said! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    (Feel less guilty for pelting you with my own! ;) )

  2. I enjoy it when I can't fall asleep....... Just not when it's to hot.