Thursday, October 8, 2009

Desk Spaces

Hello, back to some real writing here.

Tech blogger (and relation of mine) Shawn Blanc has been doing a series of article on Sweet Mac Setups in which he has pictures and a short "Interview" about where, the why, and the how they use such a setup. I thought might be interesting to something similar on here,  not with mac or computer setups but with more universal and general desk setups. (Hence the title of this article.) So, I'm asking you my gentle readerto submit (via email) pictures and brief descriptions of you desk for publication here. (Or (one?) your workspace(s) if you don't have your own desk.)Questions to answer regarding you desk/workspace:
  1. Who are you anyway?  (A little bit about you, links to you blog/facebook/twitter/email, activities or sports that your involved in.  Really anything your want to say to the other 6 readers of this blog)
  2. Pictures Please (We'd like to see what your talking about)
  3. What's it's history? (i.e. family heirloom, picked up off the curb, when did you get it, et cetra)
  4. What is your main occupation at your desk? (School or Work, you may elaborate on this per your taste)
  5. Describe the objects that we may (or may not) see in the pictures of your desk.  (The purpose or each and it's reason for being there) 
  6. What do you really like (or dislike) about your desk and or it's location (I think that's self explanatory. . .)
OK, now that I'm done boring you (well, at least I hope the boredom ends here. . .) I'll share about my desk.

1) Who are you anyway?: I am the writer of this blog. A budget straped computer enthusiast, Editor, Webmaster, and Admin of the Freedom Fighters Newsletter and Blog, Web site, and Forum respectively.  A Rebelutionary and member of The Rebelution's Forum.  I have an account on Twitter, and can be contacted via email at:  As to interests and activities I've layed those out in a previous post.

2) Pictures Please:

3) What's it's history?: This desk was from my grandparents (mom's side), the original top had a hole cut in to for use as a sewing desk, we got it, well before I can remember.  My dad made the current top some time not to long after we got it, but there were some finishing problems so it sat on the desk till last fall when we were de-cluttering for our move to Houston.  So, I was given the job of sanding and re-staining the top. After which it replaced our old ratty desk for the family computer.  The computer remained on it through last year while I also did school there till just before we started school here when it finally moved off.  Now I have my desk in my room and am enjoying it very much.  Soon I hope it will find it's complete fulfillment in holding my computer. :)  (I can see that empty expression coming over your face. . . ;)

4) What is your main occupation at your desk?: School is my main occupation at my desk, when I get me self a computer then that will be my second occupation. (I've got a '02ish HP laptop, just not a power supply for it. . .)

5) Describe the objects that we may (or may not) see in the pictures of your desk.: Well, on the left you see my alarm clock, some miscellaneous items, and some index cards for making Latin flash cards.  On the right are some papers for Latin reference. My camera's case and some pen's in various states of useubility.

6) What do you really like (or dislike) about your desk and or it's location: I like having my own space, particularly my own quiet space away from the noise of the rest of the house.

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  1. haha, sounds interesting :)
    I'd definitely think about doing this, but the post would probably sound like "Well, this is the random crap cluttering my desk, rendering it almost useless.... I'm not really using any of it at the moment..."
    It might get boring :P