Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two interesting thoughts on Sin

From Jakob Ganschow's "The Greatest of All"
What then, is the essence of sin? John Piper argues that it is when we love things, chose things, or do things that shows we do not value God above those things. In essence, we fall into pride (which Luther further argued is the root of all sin), look to ourselves, and declare for whatever point of time "I will be like God and worship myself for I am greater than these rules!" That really is the essence of sin and the root of all sin because it's your self elevation.
Yoshiyahuin in reply to the above
All sin, at its core, is a perversion of something good. Pride, while very much the original sin, is no different. And when we choose to sin, our intent is as important as our actions. To do something that you believe is sin (even if it isn't) becomes sin for you simply because in your heart you rebelled against God.

Two interesting thoughts on Sin.

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