Friday, July 16, 2010

God the Author

I'm still surprised at the complete, and well thought out posts coming from this Teenage Authoress. Here's some of her latest.

Teenage Authoress in "God the Author and Us the Authors."

God is the Author of Creation. Authorship implies writing something, not just creation, but writing. [...] If God is an author, the Author, that must mean He has a story and as ruler of all creation - past, present and future - His story is history - the story of the world and, therefore, creation.

The world isn't a stage, its a story.

And now the idea I thought a little 'off': If God is The Author, then what about us novelists? We are authors as well. Almost unwillingly I continued to follow this idea and realized that, yes, in some sense, authors are little gods of their own novels.

She continues further on:

Authors are little gods of their universes as they create them. Plotting and controlling them just as God oversees our own universe (an argument for predestination) and at the same time we, as authors, often are surprised by our own characters in the decisions they make (an argument for free will), but generally we always realize we would've planned that any way (predestination being completely compatible with free will).


Authors generally create more than one storyworld. Do we have any evidence that God has not done the same?

Fascinating thoughts.


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  2. First, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that that was your real name. I've changed it to "Teenage Authoress", though if you'd rather have it as anything else I'll be happy to oblige. I've also edited your comment removing it. :)

    When we talked (and wow, it's been like, what, 6+ months?) I never saw the sort of deep, logical, and mature thoughts that you've expressed in your blog. (Rants over editing aside ;) I've always been very impressed with the writing you've published on your blog and hope to see more.

    Dominus Vobiscum (Amicus?)

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  4. Yes, it is my real name. I would appreciate you removing the comment.

    And I'm sort offended. I've always though this way. And my blog posts are the most illogically constructed pieces of anything. I never proof them or anything. *chuckles* If you think my blog is mature, read my fiction.

    And rants are valid. *miffed*

    *still confused upon whether she should be offended or not*

  5. Consider it Done, and even if you don't, it's still been done.

    I assure you, there was no offence intended. Apparently I never knew you very well, as I never encountered this deep thinking. I would say that given the quality, and construction of your pieces; and the lack of proofing; that this shows a mental organization far beyond the average, and anything I've been aware of.

    Fiction shrouds Ideas in a cloud of humanistic story.

    May I recommend that you take the previous, and the above; not as an offence, but rather a compliment? They were--and are--intended that way.

    Dominus Vobiscum Amicus

  6. Well it wasn't exactly complimentary I must say. But, okay, I'll pretend though.

  7. Thank You.

    Dominus Vobiscum Amicus