Sunday, August 1, 2010

John Robbins on Logic

John Robbins, in the introduction to Logic by Gordon H. Clark; discussing reasons for studding Logic
Christ, the Logic of God, lights every man. Strictly speaking, there is no "mere human logic" as contrasted with a divine logic, as some would have us believe. The Life of God lights every man; human logic is the image of God and God and man think the same way--not exactly the same thoughts, since man is sinful and God is holy. . .
Wow, but he continues later:
The Westminster Confession written in England in the 1640's, says that all things necessary for our faith and life are either expressly set down in Scripture or my be deduced by good and nesessary consequences from scripture.  It is onely through a study off logic that we can distinguish a "good and nescessary" deduction from an invalid deduction

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