Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"An oversized desk is the only sort worth owning"

Shawn Blanc's Oversized Desk, 21ft2

Shawn Blanc in an interview with Brett Kelly:
An oversized desk is the only sort worth owning. For one, they're there for you when you need that extra space for papers and other work (when you need the space, there never seems to be enough). Secondly, when your oversized desk is clean and empty, the unused acreage is a sight to behold.
Agreed. I have only a moderately oversized desk (Moderate being 8.6ft2, pictured below) and love it.  As a full time student I've got about half a dozen different "desk work" subjects; meaning that I've got 6 sets of papers to track and reference every day at my desk.  Having a desk large enough to keep (almost) all of it out and within easy reach helps keep the day going smooth. :)

My Oversized Desk, 8.6ft2

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